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…and i'm spent

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(Photo property of m.d.on Flickr) Could we BE more active in the Vancouver blogging community? If we were I’d have to start drinking a lot more coffee, not sleeping at all and get bionic hands since all this typing (at work and home) is killin’ me. John was invited to podcast a meetup, which we […]

the moon up above will show you the love

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I walked out of the office tonight and proceeded to call Laura and tell her it smelled like Cheesies downtown. Not the poofy kind, but the hard n’ crunchy kind (Hawkins). I find I’m starting to rate different construction sites since I walk through about 5 of them just on my way to and from […]

Very Good RadioZoom #109

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John and I rave about Friday night’s experience with Matthew Good and play a few tracks (with permission). I get a little teary at the end and it is a rather long episode but I do hope you enjoy it. This episode is our attempt to share more of that experience. If you are a […]

keep on keepin' on, gotta make it not just try

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I mainly listen to podcasts when we’re lying in the sun on the beach. I must admit the Onion Radio News [onion] has GOT to be one of my faves. Quick, short, witty, making us giggle out loud. John usually peppers the playlist with CNN and NPR 5 minute updates so when the Onion comes […]