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Oh the action! Golden balls, Big Papi, people jumping out of kayaks – yes it was the Home Run Derby last night in Pittsburgh (mlb) and we watched every minute of it. I have admitted in the past that I am not a baseball fan yet ever so slowly… it may… perhaps… be growing on me. Just to witness someone crank a ball 488 ft out of a stadium is amazing. All star games are usually pretty fun – like the NHL’s slap shot contest the Home Run Derby is just hit after hit – but seriously on a more grandiose level. And the things people go through just to catch a ball in and out of the park. Eek – that river was lookin’ pretty murky.

I’ll have my first taste of Canadian baseball action with John this summer (post) and even though it will be no where near the level of play I’ve come to watch over the past months (well I dunno, the Vancouver Canadians are single ‘A’ and we’ve been watching the CUBS soo……haha (sorry… sorry… this from the Canucks fan right?) I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

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