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Starting at 10 am Saturday (until 2pm today) John and I were joined by my 6 year old niece, Alexis, for ‘super-fun-cool hanging out with your aunt n’ uncle’ weekend.

We ran errands, went out for brunch, coloured, played cards, went for a swim, watched movies, had dinner and went to the fireworks.

Now, to a 6 year old the fireworks are extraordinarily fantastic. She liked the purple and pink ones, of course. The only BAD part was the waiting. We got to our viewing location at 9:30pm so the half-hour leading up to the show was a bit trying. Her mother joined us in the evening and suggested she “people watch” to pass the time, but she didn’t buy it. We attempted a game of ‘I Spy’, sipped hot chocolate, and before she knew it it was time for the main event.

After we picked her mom up from work today, we said our goodbyes and had them drop us off in Stanley Park.

For the next 2 hours John and I went off the beaten path to record a soundseeing podcast. Muddy shoes, cuts, scrapes, hair full of bugs, we’re home now and waiting for Laura to come take us on a dinner date. Another great weekend in the city – and I’m completely ready for a nap. Check out some of my pics from this afternoon [flickr] and the podcast will be out later this week via RadioZoom [radiozoom]

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