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sister mary shovel face

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Last night Flickr was down for a few hours. Anyone who went to the site at this time would have seen the image with the two black circles along with the explanation: Arrgh! Our tubes are clogged! Because this sucks we thought you might want to enter an inpromptu competition to win a FREE PRO […]

Vancouver Idle

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Walking home along the Sea Wall last night John and I reveled at the marvelous view (seen here to the left). It was a clear night, which can be kinda rare here in the later summer months. Drivers in Vancouver are now going to get the opportunity to help improve the local environment (even though […]

the ferguson point

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Last night John and I headed over to the Metroblogging Meetup in Stanley Park [met]. The potluck was yummy, the people were friendly and it was really great to see all these bloggers you’ve probably read but never met before. Sometimes you think Vancouver’s become so plastic and fake (whether your nemesis be lululemon, snack […]

she's back!

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My sister (the world traveller) is back today. I believe she’s covered 4 countries in 8 days including England, Wales, Ireland and Canada. She sent me some really great pics over chat, I had to post this one (also up on my flickr). I can’t wait until she’s safely on the ground and we can […]

20 minutes of ooooh!

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With 9 days to go it is a bit surprising to see there isn’t much blog coverage yet for the Celebration of Light [hsbc] which kicks off July 26th and runs every 3 days after that until Aug. 5th. It was nice to see that the Vancouverite [van] made this month’s inaugural fireworks post and […]