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will wack for fud

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It’s summer, there are back to school ads on TV and Laura’s posted all her network fall previews [lolo]. I wanna kinda discuss some television although I’d rather write about the be at the beach. Lolo’s been getting all kinds of emails about the new season of the Amazing Race. We do not yet know […]

a tribute

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Being all bored at work on this lovely Tuesday morning (before we had internet powers) I found a link to my site off one of Dave Olsen’s (aka Uncleweed’s) MANY projects: Mountain Highway [mh]. If you follow that link you’ll see all of Dave’s projects listed on the sidebar. Hmm I could link to all […]

up about being down

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Our office is still down. The magical totally ‘mission critical’ hardware (as John put it) is now here and getting installed and setup and things. I’m mooching some wireless so that I can check work email, chat to people and write a blog post. Yesterday was uber fun. I got home just after John finished […]

pro flickrers

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The other night John and I bought some pro Flickr accounts (finally). We thought we could get away with a free status forever but when some of our older photos started dissapearing we realized how foolish we had been. With the free account only your 200 most recent pics are displayed (although kept on the […]