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It rained for about 2.5 seconds on my way to work today. When I stopped for my coffee the girl behind the counter commented on how hot n’ sticky it was in there. Outside, I told her, it really wasn’t much different.
This weekend was pretty fun. Had a girls night on Friday – went to see the girliest movie out there and no, I didn’t dress like a pirate – I should have worn Prada (if I owned anything Prada). Saturday I was super-Auntie at Cam’s birthday. Sunday well…. John and I had planned on being beach bums in the morning but the weather was pretty sucky so we stayed in and watched the World Cup. I then worked until 11pm and by the time I left the office you could still hear jubilant Italians (and sirens) resounding throughout the downtown core.

When I got home we listened to Don’s show on WYEP Pittsburg (d.contextualized). John called in via Skype and we got to chit chat and experience those crazy late night radio moments (it was about 3am their time). I haven’t blogged about music in a long time (too wrapped up in hockey still and the season’s over… or is it ‘almost here’ hmm). I’ll think up something soon and make a post. They played some great tunes last night – check out the show link (above).

Tomorrow I drive my lovely super-mom sister to the airport. She’s off to Wales and then Ireland for a little “her” time. She’s asked if she can write an overseas correspondance on my blog while she’s in Dublin and of course I said “YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” so watch for that soon.

Happy Monday.

EDIT: I might as well add one thing about the World Cup… Zizou Interactive Headbutt Game!

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  1. melMonday, July 10th, 2006 — 4:23pm PDT

    Funny, I watched Devil Wears Prada on Friday too. I wasn’t such a fan of it though 🙁

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