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We need more sunscreen. I’m trying to get colour – just not one of a redish hue. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with becoming beef jerky-like in texture – I’d just like to look less ghost-like during the summer months.

There’s a woman we see at the pool every day. She’s out there for at least 3 hours – that we can see (from the time we spot here until we check later that evening so it could be longer). She just sits and bakes. All oiled up, just cookin’. I’m not sure how people can tolerate the sun for that long. She just sits there, completely still – no book to read, no music, just RAYS. Upon a closer look her skin seemed pretty much on its way to becoming shoe-leather.

We started swimming and doing a little workout. On my 4th lap I come up for air and I breathe in (nice and deep) *hack hack* some lovely 2nd hand smoke. John: “Double your cancer, double your fun.” Oh dear.

Now this was earlier in the week and we’ve seen her every day since. The sun can be good for you (Vitamin D etc.) but can THIS much really benefit someone?

I’m at least going to let the sun burn on my back subside before I consider any future ‘baking’.

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