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who's dancing all around

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Laura [lolo] got a camera. I posted a new metblogs post [met]. Hasek is going back to the Red Wings [vcoe], Buffalo has a new hamster logo [fixthelogo] and I won a cool prize for sponsoring the Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed in the Blogathon [vcoe]. There’s a long weekend coming up [bc day]. It’s rainy. It’s […]

she likes using her brain

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Starting at 10 am Saturday (until 2pm today) John and I were joined by my 6 year old niece, Alexis, for ‘super-fun-cool hanging out with your aunt n’ uncle’ weekend. We ran errands, went out for brunch, coloured, played cards, went for a swim, watched movies, had dinner and went to the fireworks. Now, to […]

blogathon madness

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We’re smack dab in the middle of the 2006 Blogathon [blogathon]. Blogs receive plegdes and donate the money to a charity of their choice, the only thing they must do is blog every 30 minutes for 24 hours. This started at 6:00am Pacific time today so you’ll notice a WHOLE LOT more content on some […]

an uber 104

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RadioZoom #104 is now posted. Check it out [RZ] Tackling the podcast again after the last few mobile episodes, we’re back in the studio in this much more relaxed edition… This is also my maiden voyage of using Ubercaster to do a podcast. Please give me feedback about how it turned out, especially the quality. […]

summer camp

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John just brought this to my attention: Barcamp Vancouver (+ Photo Camp) [kk] and promptly signed us up. I started panicking about getting the time off work but it conveniently starts at 6:00pm. Here are the details: Who? Tech creatives: Local technologists, geeks, innovators, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, tech writers, tech managers, bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers and […]