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Friday night I met Laura at the office then we walked over to a nice lil place for drinks. My sister met up with us afterwards and we had some really fun drinky-giggly times.

Saturday we went out to Surrey for a big huge Korean/BBQ feast at Michelle’s parents’ house. It’s the home that she grew up in, so many memories came flooding back. I pointed out to John where we buried her hamster ‘Cookie’ in the backyard, and where we burned pictures/letter from one of her first boyfriends in a coffee can around the side of the house. Her mom decided then to put on a video we made when we were 14 …. oh… my… gosh… needless to say the FOOD was the best part of the night :p

On Sunday we took off to New Westminster, popped in to Sapperton Days where I met a potential boyfriend (should anything happen to John and I). He was sporty, a good listener, not a big talker and really took a liking to me. I asked him why his blowhole wasn’t working though – oh did I mention it was Fin, the mascot of the Vancouver Canucks? Yeah. Good times. NB: If you ever have a festival/fair type event and you want to attract lots of kiddies – forget the carnival rides, the live band, the face painting… just have baby animals, lots of baby animals.

Hopefully everyone had a great Fathers’ Day – if you were out on Commercial Drive, in New West, Surrey, at the Dragon Boat races (events post) or over at the 50th anniversary party for the Vancouver Aquarium. Holy cow this city has really kick started its summer. Who ever said it was ‘no fun‘?

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  1. wynMonday, June 19th, 2006 — 2:56pm PDT

    I ended up going to the Commercial Drive Festival and it was really worth checking out. It wasn’t a fabulously city festival but it did have the comfortable community feeling it touted that surely sets it apart from other festivals in this city.

  2. DaveOTuesday, June 20th, 2006 — 12:13pm PDT

    I really enjoyed the community vibe of the Commercial Drive fest – and posted a bunch of snapshots on Flickr. Friday night was Richmond Asian Night Market and Saturday was Scandinavian Midsummer Fest. A weekend around the world indeed!

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