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so the podcast world is abuzz cause Death Cab for Cutie has a podsafe song. john‘s been getting artist permission and discovering hidden podsafe gems forever man (okay at least since his podcast began in 2004).

Death Cab was played on DSC w/Adam Curry and since then everyone’s thinkin ‘OOH WOW actual music on a podcast that i recognize!’ to that john and i roll our eyes – there’s a LOT of great artists out there (some well known, some not-so-much) that are available, podsafe, and i’m glad that my husband’s got the keen ear to pick them out and share them with the rest of us.

from what i understand, as long as you have permission (or they’re listed as ‘podsafe’) – you can play the artist on your podcast ie. John’s played Matthew Good with permission. also, other well-known bands (in certain circles) have released tracks that are podsafe, ie. Less Than Jake‘s – Look What Happened (along with other Epitaph artists). so those are all available for your podcasting pleasure – you just have to know where to look.

regardless of who’s been playing what, it’s great that people are listening to podcasts in the first place. if a Death Cab song gets you hooked on the medium then fantastic! there’s something out there for everyone.

i was being dorky and googling around and stumbled across the May 22 episode of the My World Podcast (in which he plays/mentions the Death Cab song). He’s podcasting out of Vancouver and has a pretty good show & blog going – check out the site. He even plugs john’s podcast (and my humble lil blog here) in this particular episode.

We had the chance to meet a couple vancouver podcasters at the meet up in february and it’s great to see more people doing it. podcasts don’t even have to include music at all – they can be informative, hilarious and purely entertaining in their own right.

I really didn’t mean to rant extensively on the subject today but hey, it seems to be the trend in our family – one of us is extremely passionate about it :p that must have just rubbed off on me this morning.

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  1. JohnThursday, June 1st, 2006 — 2:37pm PDT

    You are pretty spot on, and I started replying to this more but will make a post about it on my site. :p Good one, babe.

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