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This month in hockey… canucks will hopefully decide on the new coach, the nhl draft, the playoffs but first some olympic news. John’s all about the olympic news. Hockey for the 2010 Olympic Games will be played on North American-sized rinks ( as opposed to International, which is quite larger.

Using North American size ice surfaces rather than converting to international configurations will allow for approximately 350 to 800 additional spectators to enjoy each game live or approximately 35,000 additional tournament tickets, while also achieving approximately $10 million in capital cost savings which will be allocated to the contingency funding in VANOCs overall $580 million venue construction budget.

People are speculating that it’s just a way to cut on already soaring expenses but VANOC has assured that this was its plan all along… hmm.

Was it because their starting goaltender was out with an injury (that was caused mostly by the stupidity of one of their own players), a shake up of nerves within the team or is this just what Edmonton does best – lets you win a few then once they get you back to the Rexall they chew you up and spit you out? Who knows but Carolina is playing their hearts out – defeating the Oil 5-0 yesterday in game 2 (sportsnet). Lets not make excuses eh?

For more on the NHL Draft wander over to Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed, they’re the local source for all that is the draft and as advertised: “This website has become the #1 search on Google when you enter the search terms ‘nhl draft vancouver.” They also have pretty up to the minute info in regards to Canucks’ coaching candidates – I’m pretty lost already on the subject so I’ll leave it to the ‘professionals’ :p

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