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um, why is Alana there? i mean, i’m sure she’s a lovely girl but she looks like she should be working at safeway – not starring in a nation-wide top model search reality series. (not that there’s anything wrong with working at safeway:p) (top model profiles) Ylena is beautiful but looks like a soccer mom (not that soccer moms can’t be beautiful but it looks like she’s got 10 years on these other girls). Sisi gets a bad rap – she took a GREAT photo last night (and i know wyn is pullin’ for her too :p). kimmy (andrea) would have looked great with hair extensions but at least the makeover they gave her added about 5 years, which made her look more womanly and rather nice. And I’m sorry, but if she’s complaining about the “stupid competition” she shouldn’t still be there. Dawn, yeah a lil too innocent/naive and lacks confidence but i’d rather see others go first. The makeovers in this episode were good for everyone – but the bathing suits they put them in for the shoot, were not so much…
Gotta love CityTV for not editing out “Sisi, this tastes like sh*t”. It caught me off guard at first but then i realized what station i was on. I think if you go back to season 1 of ANTM it’ll be pretty comparable, it took them several seasons to get the ‘polished’ look the show now has.

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  1. melThursday, June 8th, 2006 — 1:09pm PDT

    I couldn’t get over how different Kimmy looked after the makeover! I feel like I should visit a salon now because a simple cut and dye job can do wonders!

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