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before baseball takes over my tv entirely

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the best of 7 battle for lord stanley’s cup is underway in Raleigh. everyone’s got their picks, chosen sides, etc. in this battle of two teams that really do not have any known rivalry going in the past. it’ll be great to hear Oh Canada at the playoffs but I can’t say I’ll be cheering […]

june is a tease

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we all know that june is a rainy wet gross month before the beautiful july and face-meltingly-hot august summer begins. although it was pretty gorgeous this saturday. we tried out our swimming pool as well this weekend and later in the evening took a walk down to english bay. it almost seemed like a fireworks […]

living for the overtime

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super fun happy weekend times!!!! okay uh not really. i have the work-phone all weekend so that means i will not only be doing jobs for the vancouver office… but for the entire country. that’s right. if you have news to be released this weekend and you’re in montreal, toronto, calgary or vancouver – just […]

ursprache and mine

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okay so we got stuck (more like sucked in) watching the spelling bee tonight – seriously NOTHING else on! we started watching with 13 kids left in the competition. they had them to the right of the stage and their parents on the left. upon elimination they went to the side where their parents were […]

title and registration

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so the podcast world is abuzz cause Death Cab for Cutie has a podsafe song. john‘s been getting artist permission and discovering hidden podsafe gems forever man (okay at least since his podcast began in 2004). Death Cab was played on DSC w/Adam Curry and since then everyone’s thinkin ‘OOH WOW actual music on a […]