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Rol out the barrel

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This month in hockey… canucks will hopefully decide on the new coach, the nhl draft, the playoffs but first some olympic news. John’s all about the olympic news. Hockey for the 2010 Olympic Games will be played on North American-sized rinks ( as opposed to International, which is quite larger. Using North American size ice […]

now home of CNTM

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For my mother’s 50th birthday we decided to go away – just the girls. my aunt, sister, niece, mother and i were all thinking some place far n’exotic. Around the time we actually started our planing we realized we wouldn’t be able to fly where we wanted since my sister was pregnant with Ethan. Somewhere […]

with my teeth bite down I can see the blood

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we’ve face-planted into a brand new season of Rescue Me. I got hooked on the show last summer when visiting John – god bless his DVR. we watched almost the entire season in one shot and i think split a bottle (and a half) of wine that night as well… yeah, we’re geeks. I then […]

the dawn of liberation

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i won’t get into this too much, it’s a touchy subject for some and an emotional one for most. it reaches out to everyone, in more ways to some people than others… but that doesn’t make the impact any less significant. it touches me personally on many levels. my great uncles were killed in the […]

hola top model-inos!

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okay so people have put in their two cents re: Canada’s Next Top Model so here’s a nickel from me. All the girls look pretty unimpressive. I agree that Heather should have won the runway challenge, she had the best outfit and everyone else was TRYING too hard to look like a model. As for […]