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and all the day you'll have good luck

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“Coingate”. Everyone knows about the loonie burried at centre-ice during the Salt Lake City Winter Games (CBC Story) well last week it was reported that during a practice skate Smyth spotted something in the ice at the RBC Centre in Raleigh and dug that sucker out (Sportsnet Story). Could this have been a turning point […]

i'm teaching men to refill ice trays

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When it comes to household chores, John‘s share is a little bigger than mine but we try to keep it pretty even. When it comes to food prep, we’re pretty darn equal. I told him the other day we need our own little couple’s recipe book where we can keep all the recipes we use […]

hot tub + moet = soggy ipod

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Nathalie last night had a great send-off message. She seems to be the most articulate and down to earth person of the bunch, now she’s gone. We’re left with Kimmy Gibbler (the cryer) and Brandi (the lush), Sophia Lauren (Ylena), Skater Girl (Heather – who gets TONS of face time, have you noticed that?), Sisi […]

venables to kwantlen

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it’s wednesday and i’m already looking forward to the weekend. it’ll be full of events and fun things to do. If you’re not already out n’about at the Dragon Boat Festival try one of these: Starting with the Commercial Drive Festival, June 18th. (Festival Homepage and post on Beyond Robson) “Free of Charge. Free of […]