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standin' tall – on the wings of my dream

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I know the HOT n SUNNY weekend is coming up but I’ve already gone on about what we’re up to this weekend. We’re already going to watch Rescue Me tonight and everyone knows the Draft is tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out to the beach and do fun outdoor things. I’ll be sure […]

podcast fun – another radiozoom cameo

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We’re addicted to Slurpees. I mean, it’s not something we planned, it just kinda… happened. Maybe it’s the summer time, maybe it’s the need for some sugar after a really nice meal – whatever it is, we like it. So all hopped up on syrup and ice, John invited me into the “studio” for a […]

100 days of summer

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I think I got signed up on a spam list for Tourism Vancouver and what I received today is actually quite interesting. It was an announcement regarding the kick off of ‘Tourism Vancouver’s 100 Days of Summer, your Guide to the Best of Everything that’s Happening this Summer’. (site) Complete with things-to-do, special offers, suggestions […]

reconsider that venti

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Not that I could even fathom getting a Venti sized frappucinno from Starbucks… but if you or a loved one, heck even a stranger you might have known for the last 20 seconds – if anyone is considering ordering one of these suckers be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into. We were just […]

we all tube

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So the biggest thing i see invading peoples’ sites lately is that dandy little You Tube screen. Video podcasts to commercials and footballs in groins. Well here’s my attempt at sharing since this song is near and dear to me – although this version might not be :p Performed by The Achordants (You Tube). For […]

very blue mile & moose tracks

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Now that the cup’s been smooched and the Oilers fans’ makeup is all teary and smudged – it’s time to wrap up this NHL season. I mean really, there’s only 3 months til the next one! With that said, we need a coach. Yes we do. A little while ago (post) we were looking at […]