hola top model-inos!

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okay so people have put in their two cents re: Canada’s Next Top Model so here’s a nickel from me. All the girls look pretty unimpressive. I agree that Heather should have won the runway challenge, she had the best outfit and everyone else was TRYING too hard to look like a model. As for Andrea um, she’s just trying to look like Kimmy Gibbler.

As Wyn noted on an earlier post of mine, there are 5 girls from BC and none from Eastern Canada. um… why? I’m sure there are pretty girls back East – maybe they just didn’t know about the show.

If Jay is just a ‘guest judge’ this week how will the other judges be next week? He seemed like the only one with a ‘good’ opinion last time. Hopefully they don’t go all soft like the judges on Canadian Idol (compared to American).

I think as Canadians we just expect more – when will it be time to break away from the ‘since it’s Canadian (& made for Canadians) that means it’s low budget’ thing? I think we’ve almost overcome that so perhaps that’s why we all expected a lil better… or maybe I’m just making excuses for a crappy spin off – but of course i’m going to continue to watch religiously regardless, i’m a sucker like that :p

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  1. rozieTuesday, June 6th, 2006 — 2:24pm PDT

    i love seeing them in victoria at places i know. like that light up floor at one / plan b. my friend said “i can guarantee you there are chunks of my vomit embedded in that floor.” can’t do that with ANTM

  2. Miss604Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 — 2:25pm PDT

    haha okay true… and at the empress etc. although i’ve never been to the empress – only past it on one of them Ghostly Walks of the city. spooky.

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