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I’ve seen posts about this place and we walk by it about 10 times a week so last night when my co-worker from Toronto was visiting and said he wanted some good Japanese tapas I thought it would be time to try it out. Guu with Garlic (not to be confused with just Guu over on Thurlow) is located on the corner of Bidwell and Robson (1698 Robson) and is open from 5:30pm to 12:00am.

We arrived at about 9:50 and weren’t actually seated until 10:40. Since there were 5 of us I can understand the rediculously long wait – couples (groups of 2) had a much less-painful wait. I must say though, it was definately worth it. The food was great, the prices – reasonable and the atmosphere, joyful. The staff was really funny/friendly and accomodating. We just kept ordering dishes that tickled our fancy and had some lovely unfiltered saki (which was fruity and californian).

I tried things I hadn’t before eg. shark fin and the twists on contemporary classics such as John’s fave, calamari – were delicious. (see previous post about his calamari run all over town).

Guu with Garlic is definately worth checking out if you have the patience to wait in line, although I highly recommend making some reservations if you’re going to make it over there between Thurs and Sunday.

(Review – VanEats: Guu with Garlic / Guu)

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  1. LoLo D.Friday, June 16th, 2006 — 1:33pm PDT

    Dinner was super yummy! We gotta go there again when Karl comes back, if he comes back. I especially love it when we were leaving and Karl started to sing along with the cheesy 80’s music and the waiter with the hat & the funky tie gave him a weird “is he really singing out loud” look. I told him to “just ignore him. He’s from Toronto”. To which he replied “Yeah, they’re really sick out there, aren’t they?!” :p

  2. JohnFriday, June 16th, 2006 — 2:57pm PDT

    It kicked butt, no doubt about it. I’m a little tired today because we were there so late, but totally worth it. I know we’ll be making the rounds there more often. We’ll try to start earlier next time though.

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