the dawn of liberation

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i won’t get into this too much, it’s a touchy subject for some and an emotional one for most. it reaches out to everyone, in more ways to some people than others… but that doesn’t make the impact any less significant.

it touches me personally on many levels. my great uncles were killed in the war and my grandfather was forced into the army at 15. my other grandfather was stationed in africa and italy – they were fighting against each other. my great grandmother was killed in the blitz in london and my grandmas have amazing tales of where they were when this all took place. i actually have an auto-biography my great aunt wrote, telling of what she and my grandma encountered during those years but i have yet to get it translated. this part of history touches us all in one way or another.

even though today the big news is about it being 6/6/6, we should remember the historic significant of this date and try to fathom the hell on earth it was fighting in that war back then and what the world would be like now if we hadn’t.

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