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Monday, June 26th, 2006 — 10:06pm PDT
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The fourth floor room of the VCC in which the event took place was rather “marine” as Coupland put it. Overlooking the ports and the east side of downtown Vancouver everyone agreed. This was my second time seeing Douglas Coupland do a reading, a meet n greet and book signing and our second CBC Studio One Book Club show (site).

As of this morning I was all prepared to stand in line at Chapters tomorrow for his book signing session (site). I had submitted an entry for the Studio One Book Club on Friday – not thinking I had a chance of winning. All I have to do is write (in 250 words or less) why I deserve to attend. Lo and behold, at 11 this morning I get the email from a producer saying I have won tickets.

This is the second time (in two months) that I’ve ‘won’ such a thing from the CBC. The first was with David Suzuki (post). The reading was hilarious, inciteful, and I was one of a handful of people who’ve actually already made it through the book (that made me feel kinda special). It was great to meet him again and get 2 more books signed. I have almost every one and I didn’t want to be too greedy… He shook John’s hand twice, amazed (so it seemed) that someone from Iowa has read one of his books. (john’s post)

These CBC experiences are pretty great – watch for the ‘taped’ version of this one in July (I’m sure they’ll archive it on the site). I’m half tempted to re-read jPod right now just to try and pick up on things I may have missed. I must admit, I did not find the upper-case letter “O” amidst the 100,000 random numbers. I’ll have to play again.

EDIT: Check out the photo credit over @ the Georgia Straight

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