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before baseball takes over my tv entirely

Monday, June 5th, 2006 — 9:49am PDT
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the best of 7 battle for lord stanley’s cup is underway in Raleigh. everyone’s got their picks, chosen sides, etc. in this battle of two teams that really do not have any known rivalry going in the past.

it’ll be great to hear Oh Canada at the playoffs but I can’t say I’ll be cheering for the Oilers. I know that’s a sucky neutral way to go, but as stated in John’s podcast and in previous posts, I’m just looking forward to the action. And although as a somewhat recent vancouverite he doesn’t quite understand a Canuck fan’s possible resentment toward the Oilers this season, John and I are pretty much on the same page when it just comes to watching good hockey – and yes, begrudgingly – the Oilers are playing some fantastic hockey.

With that said. I wanna be in Raleigh tonight for some hockey tailgate action! Even though I have yet to experience some ‘real’ football tailgate fun… hmm I hear the Hawkeye fans know how to have a good time :p

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  1. DaveO says:

    Years and years of dislike for Oilers does not dissipate easily, not now, not ever. Plus i really like the Canes!

  2. DaveO says:

    Hey i just listened to your last Radio Zoom performance after Game 6 of Canes/Sabres. You are hired to be Canucks Outsider correspondant at the draft as long as you don’t let John talk (or ask any questions at least). He can be *just* the audio engineer 😉 at least until he realizes how SERIOUS this hockey stuff is!

    i am hoping we draft a solid centre – will be doing some pre-scouting podcast report … one of these days … soon …

  3. Miss604 says:

    haha okay will do. but if i’m a canucks outisder correspondant how can i also be special-gust-star on the radiozoom podcast? :p i’m sure we’ll work something out 😉

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