you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes

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when i was little my dad took us on hikes…a lot. while mom sat in the van and did crosswords he would get all 3 of us kids out on the trails and off. searching for streams, lakes, big trees, big logs and interesting feats of nature. while on these treks we’d pass someone and they would say hello to my dad (or vice versa) and i would always think (and would sometimes ask) does dad know that person? do we know that person?

it’s just the common courtesy – the unspoken comraderie between hikers, walkers and runners. john’s mentioned it a few times – usually he gets ‘good morning’ s when he’s out on the seawall, and was excited when he initiated his first run-by greeting.

the other morning we were on the home stretch and someone ran by and said ‘good morning’ – it was my first downtown-vancouver-run-by-greeting experience. i was pretty excited (yeah, i’m easily amused) but it was enough to help me finish our route with warm fuzzies in my belly.

i have deviated from my set running schedule, basically alternating days, but hopefully i’ll be on track again soon — hopefully my work schedule will be back on track again soon. in the meantime, i’m going to think of something clever to say as a run-by. something nice, something witty, something unexpected but not rude — ooh this’ll be good.

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