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when i had my lovely baby awesome fantastic car i admit i was a bit of a crazy driver – but it was a controlled crazy. you have to drive defensively, you have to be confident – nothing worse than someone with their blinker on pulling up to a turn … slowing down… pausing… then continuing to go straight, getting to the next turn… pausing… grrrr! just make the turn and if it’s a wrong one, fix it.
ahem – so i know what it’s like to drive in and out of the city. also – i know what it’s like to be a pedestrian in the city. you also have to walk defensively and with authority. if i’m walking across the road and i have the lil signal-walk-man telling me i’m allowed to and you’re in a car trying to turn down the street i’m crossing – you just have to wait until i’m done. it’s all about knowing who has the right of way.

yesterday i was crossing hornby at pender and a car was trying to turn right, another was trying to turn left (both onto hornby) and i had the walk signal and was crossing. the left turner slammed on his brakes — his oncoming traffic (on pender) got pissed cause he was now blocking the intersection. the right turner was pissed because he has the right of way (over the left turner). i was pissed because hey – i’m walkin here! all i did was look at him, look up at the walk signal, look at him, look at the walk signal – COME ON man.

i started this rant because about 10 mins ago a car stopped 6 inches from my legs while i was on seymour street. absolutely no traffic coming and he was crossing seymour going from alley to alley. if you look left, look right and it’s all clear dont you think you’d look straight ahead of you too? and perhaps see there’s a human being there – thinking to yourself: ‘i’m in a large powerful vehicle, let me accelerate and plow right into them’ is not the best way to go. (hehe this was a laura-esque rant, i hope i made her proud) :p

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  1. LoLo D.Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 — 10:03am PDT

    Yeah, so far the worst place for stupid drivers trying to mow down pedestrians that I’ve seen is at Denman & Alberni. Just because there’s a green light for the traffic coming off of Denman turning onto West Georgia, does not mean that you can come whipping around the corner of Alberni like it’s your right away. Oooo, the dirty looks I’ve given some of those commuters (or the cursing). 😛

  2. GusTuesday, May 30th, 2006 — 1:37pm PDT

    When your a driver, you curse the pedestrian. When your the pedestrian, you curse the driver. Hey it all works out, it’s the Ying and Yang of it all. Gotta love VANCOUVER! 😀

    But true some people are just alittle too agressive, be it a pedestrian or a driver.

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