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The creepy jay leno kid won American Idol last night. My mom would be happy (although she liked the dude that got bumped off last week the best). She said the chick was a big phony.

Tuesday night we caught the season finale of House – man I really like that show, even though the exploding body parts and infected goo sometimes make me turn away and gag like Laura does when she catches me kissing my own husband in public.

Whenever John hears about EAT!Vancouver he puts on a cookie-monster/animal/professional wrestler voice and repeats: “EAT!…Vancouver!” Because of this, I created the image seen above (be sure to click on it to get the full effect), yes folks, it’s time to eat Vancouver.

Other fun and exciting things coming up this weekend include the much-talked about (on my blog anyway) Run for Light, and the PMC Sierra Science Fair Fun Run. To check out more happenings, try clicking here or here.

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