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Monday, May 8th, 2006 — 7:09pm PDT
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shots 25-7 since the first and it’s the end of the third period. the score is 1-1 Carolina vs New Jersey — 22 seconds left and the Devils score. they’ve been outplayed the entire game, their goalie has been keeping them alive and they pull ahead 2-1. things looked glum for the Canes but 3 seconds left in the game they score.
We just finished dinner and tuned in. Ottawa was already defeated by Buffalo earlier this evening and Edmonton/San Jose is coming up. they’ll have those shark fins out floating around the ice any minute now – then the players will spill forth out of the big huge shark’s mouth and onto the ice.

Tonight we also have game 3 of the WHL playoffs, Vancouver vs Moose Jaw. For any of those frugal canuck fans who want all the action (and more) they should have checked out the Giants’ first two games at the Pacific coliseum – 12-24 bucks for a seat. Should there be a game 5, they’ll be back here but we all know the Giants are gonna sweep ๐Ÿ˜‰

so much hockey, so little time – this is great! the only thing better would be if our darling canucks were involved in the playoffs this year (no, im not going to get into WHY or HOW or anything). john just asked me when the cup was in vancouver last – um i guessed the 20s… i looked it up – the Vancouver Millionaires won it for 1914-1915. Which made him gasp and reaffirm something he’s said before ‘My god! being a canucks fan IS like being a Cubs fan!”

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