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i didn’t see the boxing kitties this morning. ya know them Survival of the Fittest milk commercials? well they play this one with fighting cats (in harnesses..or is it leather s&m gear, i can’t really tell) on the video boards at Granville/Robson – it’s definately something i wouldnt have expected to experience every morning.
disclaimer: now i’m not the political type and i’m not making a stance here or stating an opinion or suggesting you do the same – i’m simply linking to my co-worker’s blog.

Nik is in our toronto office and is pretty well-known in parts of the world for his political cartoons. He’s very talented and his work is definately worth checking out. He’s been featured recently on the CBC and his work can be found anywhere from the NY Times to the Washington Post (wiki).
What was up with CSI last night? I remember watching last year and freaking out! Being on the edge of my seat, in a panic re: Nick’s life, and left grasping to the cliff hanger they threw at us. Last night, um… well Brass was shot and so was the perp. So um… where do we go from here? We tune in to see Brass in the hospital next week? is that all? I’m not exactly on the edge of my seat – of course I’ll tune in but compared to last year – this is hardly worth chewing off my nails. What’s with the thriller programmes this season? 24 is pretty mellow compared to other seasons as well.

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  1. Miss604’s Canuck Life :: A Vancouver Blog » Blog Archive » The Future is All You’ll Ever HaveMonday, December 4th, 2006 — 11:17am PST

    […] I’ve been informed that my pal Nik in the Toronto office (as previously blogged about here) has a new photo blog. This is in addition to go along with his million-and-one other blogs [bloggerprofile][ACECprofile], which vary from very personal to informative, in several different languages. Nik’s story is pretty fascinating, you can read all about him in the CBC feature and in various other articles and interviews around the world. He’s had works published in the NY Times, MSNBC, The Gaurdian, and the Washington Post (just to name a few). Oh yes, and earlier this year Nik was even sentenced to imprisonment in Iran [comicnews], though he currently resides in Toronto. […]

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