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what's your motivation?

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Of course when I married John he told me that if I took his name I would have to get used to people spelling and pronouncing it incorrectly. I thought that it couldnt be that bad but having now experience such things several times myself, I realize that perhaps it just isn’t as common and […]

Latest Podcasts

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Aside from my RadioZoom cameos, my voice can be heard on a recent Canucks’ Outsider w/Dave Olsen. Check out his latest episodes at Hockey Northwest. I’m not the biggest podcast listener/follower – although I think I’d like to be. I enjoy the episodes John shares with me… ie. Geek Farm Life, Scarborough Dude, Daily Breakfast, […]

TTOW = Victory

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Good TV night last night. Oilers defeated the Sharks to move onto the Western Conference Finals (go Ducks!), Danielle won Top Model and AND…. the hippies won the Amazing Race. Our office AR blog has been going nuts with people showing support, opinions and picks. Really happy to see the hippies win (although I can’t […]


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Metroblogging Vancouver is a great place to find event info, quirky op-eds, restaurant recommendations and more. Recently they put a call out for comments – everyone loves comments. Since a few others and I responded (took the bait) we’re now linked off the site, which is pretty great. It’s kinda like Beyond Robson but personally, […]

happy labour day, lenny

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ya know, you’d think being on the radio – being a public figure as it were, you’d be slightly intelligent. now i know intelligent people can work in radio (*wink wink nudge nudge*) but when I hear people stating facts that are just completely wrong, it’s slightly annoying. okay maybe it’s not their intelligence as […]