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morning commute

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 — 8:53am PDT
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on the bus this morning the name “Puddleby-on-the-Marsh” popped into my head – embedded there so long ago from years of watching the snoozy Wind in the Willows on CBC at dinner time on Sunday before Fraggle Rock or the Racoons. Anyway, I finally ‘got’ the name…huh..
i should really start walking down robson on my way to work – there’s so much more going on compared to the other route i take. outside of Vir– HMV there was a pile of snow, spraypainted on it: Snow Patrol Eyes Open. Today the Snow Patrol album hits the shelves and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s worth checking out.

Over on Robson & Granville the video boards are now up on the side of the Future Shop/Winners building. (See the Vancouver Counsil proposition re: this project)Brought to us by Telus, they run ads and tell the time. I wonder if they’ll serve any other purpose in the future. Since the boards are up (and have been for about a week) the scaffolding is coming down. That ugly sidewalk-blocking mess has been up forever. First to fix the building, then to clean or god knows what else, then to install the humega video boards.

I stopped in at TimHo this morning, even though the Vancouverite frowns upon it, and I only ended up being 6 minutes late for work. The new bus routes are killing me – you just never know if the driver is gonna chance it and make that left turn onto Seymour with that stale amber light turning red. Serves me right, like I said – I should be walking to work.

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  1. wyn says:

    I’m definitely not going downtown a whole lot these days and am giddy at the thought of another over-bright screen lighting up Granville. =P
    Starbucks and Tim’s are bad coffee and evil, but in different ways. At least Tim’s doesn’t have the pretension of being some kind of superior lifestyle choice. I wish the Vancouverite wouldn’t say, “Nobody in Vancouver should be going to Tim Hortons,” but given how different the experience is here than back east, I can kind of see what he’s saying….

  2. LoLo D. says:

    You should do what I do…. Take the #19 down West Pender and get off right in front of the office.

    I walk home from work. But as for walking to work, I just like watching my soap opera on the Detroit CBS too much to leave earlier than noon.

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