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Um so the San Jose/Edmonton game comes on this afternoon and we are sat there on the couch, listening to the national anthems and I say to John – you’re rooting for SJ right? He replies, yep. I confirm, ya me too – stinkin oilers. I get up, walk over to the computer and check out the blog post I made with my round 2 picks. I gasp. I look at John – I gasp – was my mind somewhere else? Is my heart trying to tell me something? Is my brain? … If you check it out I picked Edmonton to win. I’m not sure why – I was the most ANTI-Oiler last week and wanted Detroit to win – and for a VANCOUVERITE to want Detroit to beat out a Canadian team… that means business. Stinkin Oilers ruined the nucks’ playoff chances when it came down to the wire – why would i type that name in there as my pick? I even announced my support for Detroit during the last RadioZoom couch cast.
Looking at these teams play now I realize Vancouver was not up to snuff, and the oilers just put that last nail in the coffin, but still. I’m torn. I’m not going to edit the blogpost. Ya know it’s like typos I make sometimes. I sit here and type so feverishly my fingers auto-complete words for me. Like when I type “sometimes” my fingers automatically go for the “h” when I get to ‘s-o-m-e-t’ because they want to spell “something” instead. Okay now I’m just rambling like a crazy person. A crazy person who officially picked Edmonton in a blogpost to win round 2. *sigh* what have I done?
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  1. LoLo D.Monday, May 8th, 2006 — 12:49am PDT

    Maybe it’s one of those “reverse psychology” things. You picked them because you actually DIDN’T want them to win. You know, kind of like a curse but without the satanic ritual and stuff. I do it all the time. I used to do it in high school and it always worked. I’d say our basketball/football team was going to lose and we ALWAYS won. I’m a reverse good luck charm. 😛

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