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ya know, you’d think being on the radio – being a public figure as it were, you’d be slightly intelligent. now i know intelligent people can work in radio (*wink wink nudge nudge*) but when I hear people stating facts that are just completely wrong, it’s slightly annoying. okay maybe it’s not their intelligence as much as common sense, street smarts, book smarts, whatever you wanna call it.
they said today on the radio that this weekend is memorial day long weekend in the States, which is wrong (it’s the last weekend of the month, monday the 29th being memorial day) – and… i mean sure, some people could make that mistake but it’s still annoying.
another annoying fact re: vancouverites — people who think that Gibsons (home of The Beachcombers) and Sechelt are on an island. oh my – JUST because you take a ferry to get there does NOT mean it’s on an island – please look at a map.

speaking of which, we’re heading over to the non-island, sunshine coast (it even has COAST in the title…gaw!) next weekend, Roberts Creek to be precise.

When i was younger i went to camp on the sunshine coast. there was a girl in our group that was quite the actress. she left to wander around the boat and came back with yogurt. no one knew where she got it since it wasn’t spotted at any of the designated eateries on the ferry (by that i mean the cafeteria serving Triple O’s and the coffee stand). she said she went to ask the Chief Steward how fast the boat went. he was so impressed by her question, he gave her a cup of yogurt. yay BC Ferries.

can you believe we all fell for it? i never said i dont have my slightly less-than-intelligent moments :p

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