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tonight carolina could take the east and meet up with the oilers in the stanley cup final. i’ve seen people in the stands in buffalo with signs ‘go home whalers’. that remind me of mallrats – when he’s playing nhl 95: ‘but Hartford, “the Whale,” they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime’.
it also reminds me of those hockey stickers you could collect and stick into booklets. my sister and i usually got the barbie booklets/stickers but my brother always had a hockey collection going every year and he would try to educate me about the teams. on the back of the booklet it had every team logo, he would sit there and point to a logo and get me to guess the city & team name. i couldn’t have been more that 7 years old. growing up though boston was always my favourite team… um because of the big “B” on their jerseys, and i went by Becky then.

so back to the series – at the last game in Raleigh we could have sworn we heard the crowd saying ‘let’s go buffalo’ – weird. i think we’re routing for the canes in this one though. buffalo’s got the wicked goalie but carolina’s young Ward is pretty impressive as well. i honestly TRULY don’t care too much who faces edmonton… i’m almost out of hockey mode. john’s in full baseball mode and i’m still not quite there… i can’t wait for the world cup though. yes. that will be my summertime source for sporting excitement. that and all the wet, rainy runs we’ve just completed, and have yet to do.

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  1. DaveOTuesday, May 30th, 2006 — 9:22am PDT

    Love the old logos and the sticker memories.

    Should be a beauty this afternoon (sigh 4PM start times suck). I have both a Canes and an old Whaler jersey and a studio photo of my a youngling wearing the classic Buffalo (Vancouver’s expansion cousins) sweater so I am cheering for the East over Edmonton no matter who wins.

    Me and the sweetie got a baseball fix weekend before last with a Little League game in the morning (our Orioles won) and Mariners in the evening (they won too, over Padres) with killer seats right close to the mighty Ichiro (is there a cooler athlete?).

    I am excited about World Cup and Tour de France both. I am gonna try to record my Scottish office mate for a World Cup primer for we hockey enthusiasts – i am also trying to choose a fave – my cirteria is really just countries i’ve visited that i really like so leaning towards Portugal or Netherlands, but Trinidad and Ghana are both first-time qualifiers that i will give good vibes too. l

    Looks like i am gonna miss the NHL draft due to a wedding on Pender Island – the things i do for friendship and free wine – maybe you and John will record? The event is only $5.

  2. LoLo D.Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 — 10:04am PDT

    That was the movie I was forgetting! Mallrats was on TV this weekend!! Nothing like some old school Jay & Silent Bob mixed in with a little Jason Lee & Shannen Doherty to waste some weekend hours.

  3. Miss604Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 — 11:25am PDT

    we’ve got our tickets for the draft – it should be somewhat interesting. with john being all immigranty (in progress) we can’t head to the states for any games or travel, so we’ll be around most of the summer. that and i sold my car last year so road trips are becoming a rare luxury.

    laura – last night i said something about gettin it on with superman which made john roll into the lois lane/superman conceiving discussion from mallrats, we recited the entire thing back n forth… we’re dorks, i know :p

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