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get it while it's hot

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The latest episode of Radiozoom (featuring yours truly) is now available at It’s always fun to make a special guest star appearance on the podcast. Nothing like running around a windy ferry with a microphone strapped to my husband while trying to finish off my piping hot fries n gravy.

ugly bags of mostly water

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when i had my lovely baby awesome fantastic car i admit i was a bit of a crazy driver – but it was a controlled crazy. you have to drive defensively, you have to be confident – nothing worse than someone with their blinker on pulling up to a turn … slowing down… pausing… then […]

a woman's scorn for sega

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tonight carolina could take the east and meet up with the oilers in the stanley cup final. i’ve seen people in the stands in buffalo with signs ‘go home whalers’. that remind me of mallrats – when he’s playing nhl 95: ‘but Hartford, “the Whale,” they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime’. […]


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Thanks to metrobloggin’ vancouver, i have become very excited about Souvenir of Canada: the movie (originally posted/announced by Vancouver Canucks Op-ed) it’s now playing in Vancouver. i had john read that book when he first got here (along with City of Glass). I have the entire coupland library and my Gen X and Eleanor Rigby […]

yum on bun

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ever since metblog’s post about the Red Onion and now talking about EAT!Vancouver, I’m so totally craving a burger. Big ol patty o’meat on a bun. Yeah, I’m so NOT a vegetarian – don’t think I ever could be. Anyhoo, the best burger I’ve ever had to this day was at Bartley’s in Cambridge, MA. […]