west coast weekend

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i’ve been so restless lately. i think it comes from being a lil ill recently and not having the energy or the power to get oot n’ aboot to enjoy some of this lovely weather we’ve been having. that, and for most of the morning yesterday john had me watching the Brewers’ – Cubs game – which totally drove me nuts :p

friday after work i took some flowers over to my mom – she works at an accounting firm and so friday, naturally was their busiest day of the year. i decided to be a total suck up – get some flowers from the street vendor and take them up to her. her office is half way between my work and home – so why not eh?

after i got home john and i took a walk down to english bay, decided to keep on walking… and walking… hopped on a false creek ferry and headed to granville island. had some great food – caught some playoff games – and took the ferry home (passing a harbor seal on the way). we bought a nice bottle of BC wine and sat out on our balcony for the rest of the evening – enjoying the warm night and the wine – which was mighty nice if i may say so.

tomorrow i start running again – i havent been out since the sun run so it should be a little challenging but i’m totally looking forward to it. oh and we tried looking up our pics from the sun run but um, they’re lil less than discernable.

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