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laura made me sign up for epass on the CCRA website. at first i was annoyed that my activation code had to be mailed to me (and took 4 days) but i found out friday that my return will be directly deposited april 6th, and it’s a rather yummy one at that.
within the next few weeks we have a trip to the okanagan, Easter (which means lots of food, family and candies), South concert, Mates of State concert, the Sun Run, a wedding I was supposed to attend with my sister, my nephew’s birthday and about 50 million other things…

saturday we were up at 7am for a run, then science world, then a walk home from there – then a walk over to davie for lunch. sunday we were up at 7am because i had to go into work for a meeting — yes a MEETING sunday morning… mimosas were served (I’m a married woman, please don’t call me that) because we bought some american company but still…. no sleeping in at all for me since… um … ever.

EDIT: speaking of Okanagan wine, several big label under Vincor are now owned by our pals south of the border

i cant decide whether this post is cranky, sleepy, happy or ‘meh’. i think it’s ‘meh’. just an update on what’s going on in these parts. gotta bed now, gettin up at 5:30am to go for a run since i changed my work schedule. a plus side though since john heard the building maintenance guy outside today powerwashing the deck of the pool. working til not-so-late…. pool… summer… beaches… mm yes… good thoughts before i sleep.

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  1. LoLo D.Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 — 11:13am PDT

    Aren’t you glad you listened to me for once? As long as you use it once a year, your login on the CRA site will remain active and you can check when your refund will be deposited.

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