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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 — 11:43am PDT
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Still riding out the laryngitis. It’s a lil less ‘squeaky’ (as Laura would put it) and a lil more crackly. I think by tomorrow I’ll have a 1-900 voice or maybe just Live Links commercial girl voice. hot damn.

Everyone I talk to keeps asking if I have a cold (in the office, on the phone etc.) and I just say yeah… because laryngitis? WHO gets that?

First thing I can think of is in those old shows/cartoons – characters would get it all the time. ie. In Flintstones when Wilma was Julietstone? Then Barney had to fill in as Julietstone and hilarity ensued. Or on I Love Lucy when Lucy takes over the show at the Tropicana cause Ricky gets laryngitis? And more recently, in Animaniacs, Wakko is plagued with laryngitis and instead uses his hands to burp out Tchaikovsky’s “Chinese Dance” from the Nutcracker Suite.

Hey, if I can just get through the work week and pretend like I’m healthy and look like I’m healthy, then I’m happy. Just don’t ask me to speak.

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  1. LoLo D. says:

    You’re a Whacko who’s been plagued by laringytis. I like you squeaky or as Chris would put it, your 1-900 voice ๐Ÿ˜

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