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April seems too short. It could be the two-long-weekends-in-a-row thing for me or the so-much-crap-happening factor. we went to the okanagan last weekend, this weekend we’re going to a family picnic so john can meet the rest of the distant relatives that haven’t yet been able to say “you’re from IOWA?!” and look puzzled then ask where that is on the map. then we have our week of concerts, our running events, and hopefully more time to just do some un-scheduled un-planned things in this city. there are several restaurants we’ve been meaning to check out, more trails we’d like to hike and we STILL have gift cards from the wedding for HBC that we desperately need to spend 😉
Tonight we’re heading out for the game – THE game… okay well one of 3 “THE” games that the canucks must win to make the playoffs. a co-worker of mine is in town from Toronto and he’s befriended the owner of a pub downtown (well he met him on his last trip out) so we’re going to head there for the PPV. This is it folks – show your support. And as much of a Joe fan I was when I was in Boston… I hope he does not so…well tonight …and yeah… *sigh* who knows what will happen… might as well just flip a coin.
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