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it's down to san hoser… including rant.

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two more games vs san jose then one vs the avs – three must-wins for the canucks. we’re so close yet so far away from the playoffs. everyone’s speculating, blaming and pointing fingers. people are looking to the big-money players for vancouver who aren’t producing, those who have been injured, those who have stepped up […]

lost my membership card to the human race

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we had a great time on our mini-road trip to the okanagan. we made a mobile podcast on the drive home which will be available (i believe later today, the man just has to encode it and do whatever fancy things he does) on we listened to so much music via our ipods n’transmitter […]

lightning blue eyes reflected sunrise

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up at the ‘butt crack o’dawn’ as john would say. went running and it was scrumptious. i have to watch my spelling in this post since i sped through my last one and i had two very particular women who shall remain nameless (even though they posted comments) saying how poor my spelling was. anyhoo, […]

I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset

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Today is my Thursday, since we’re taking off Friday morning for a mini-roadtrip. I’m so excited – loading up our ipods, warming up the lil car transmitter and i get to show john more of his adopted home. There’s some new music i need to add to my playlists first. Chris just introduced me to […]