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duck n cover

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt

i’ve never lived through a natural disaster. no big floods, extremly dangerous storms or an earthquake powerful enough to make me think it was anything more than my chair moving back from my desk for a few seconds. when john’s family was here they asked about tsunamis – and wouldnt we get one head on […]

side show luke perry with a sacked bunt

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

‘pant bottoms hiked up just below the knees’ – we have settled in for an evening… *sigh* of baseball. john‘s a mega-cubs fans and i totally owe him some cub-watching time since i’ve pretty much monopolized the tv with my reality shows & canucks games (although he enjoys those too). so i promised we can […]

pointy, linear or round

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michelle once asked me what shape my year is. by this i was thoroughly confused until she explained – in your head when you picture a calendar year, the seasons, the months — what shape does it take? what is the starting month? now some of you might be giving me the look i gave […]