MIA scramble

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i vanished and haven’t blogged for 4+ days…. i was very well fed this weekend, saw lots of family and got really really wet n rainy. this week is going to be so busy so i’ll have a lot more to blog about. i figure if i have nothing to share, why sit and share nothing eh? although i did kinda clean up the sidebar on my site and move the ‘about’ to a different page. so my flickr and other fun things are over there now. blogs are fun.

saturday we went to a family picnic and saw distant relatives i havent seen in years (or haven’t even met… people keep popping out babies, i can’t keep up). then on sunday my mother had us over for a ‘small luncheon’ which turned out to be a full on turkey dinner at 1pm. she’s so great.

i think the sky is sad we have no more canucks hockey until the fall. but there’s still Giants action to check out – they’re in the playoffs and kickin’ butt. there is hope for hockey in this town.

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