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we had a great time on our mini-road trip to the okanagan. we made a mobile podcast on the drive home which will be available (i believe later today, the man just has to encode it and do whatever fancy things he does) on www.radiozoom.net.
we listened to so much music via our ipods n’transmitter along the way. i realized that yes, i do like Hum and that you can never EVER escape Nickelback on ANY radio station anywhere. also, we listened to a promo that john had downloaded before he left – it was for www.hockeynw.com (see the button on my sidebar) – it’s the new home of the Canucks Outsider podcast.

we took the crowsnest on the way there – since we were in no rush and it was a nice scenic route (although which route isn’t scenic when driving through BC?). On the way back we just did the connector/coquihalla. we stopped at some great places to eat, drink wine, and go for a mini-hike along the water to skip rocks.

i’m just getting caught up on my vancouver blog reads, seeing what’s happened in the city (or will be going on) and readjusting to work again. although with no work on friday, this will be a pretty smooth week – more to come at a later time 🙂

EDIT: the podcast is up. to listen, go to radiozoom.net or check out the miss604 section of the podcast page
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