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There are some interesting sights to see in Stanley Park aside from the park itself. There are so many things to take pictures of, explore, run around, walk under and gaze at in awe. Anything from totem poles to Canadian geese – but when it comes to the 9 o’clock gun you won’t see many people stopping. As John and I sat on the seawall next to it this evening, several people walked by and took pictures of the view – and most just walked/ran right by without a second glance.

Of course this isn’t the prettiest thing to look at and granted, the view from that spot is a rather breathtaking panoramic of vancouver – still, there’s some history here.

The 9 o’clock gun is situated on the southern part of the seawall, in stanley park facing the city. It’s just past HMCS Discovery and the totem poles but before you get to Prospect Point. The “gun” is basically a cannon – or “A naval type twelve pound muzzle loader”. It was cast in England in 1816 and brought to Stanley park in 1894 – firing for the first time in 1898 at noon (History of the Gun).

Living in the West End you hear many things on a daily basis. The white noise of the city, construction, yappy-dogs, cars with no muffler or all souped-up, your neighbours upstairs, your neighbours downstairs and the occasional reveller down in the street. It’s one thing I might not always think about or hear everyday – but I still get excited (just slightly, just for a minute) when things are quiet enough just for that one second to hear it fire.

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  1. LoLo D.Friday, April 28th, 2006 — 10:35pm PDT

    I still remember the first time you ever heard it go off. It was last summer and you were at my house watching “Big Brother” and you asked “What the hell was that?” when it went off.

    As for things you hear all the time in Vancouver, you forgot that at noon everyday a cruiseship-type horn at Canada Place blows the opening bars of “O Canada”. I hear it everyday when I leave for work. That’s how I know if I’m behind schedule or not. 😛

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