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24 last night was fantastic – i’m sure laura will be blogging about it soon. speaking of 24…i was just out for my lunch break, walkin’ around… and almost got karate chopped by the 24 hours guy on our corner. now i know talking about dailies hander-out-er people is SO craigslist ie. metro girl on corner of whatever and whatever u r hott. but still, this guy is fun. i don’t mind being almost karate chopped. he’s all swinging his arms around and staring you down when you don’t take a paper, it’s fun.
canucks… um .. don’t really seem like there’s any kind of urgency registering. crow was like – ooh we played well, they played well and gosh … they just won. um yes… i’m still behind them 100% but i’m thinking everyone in the city is a little worried. and don’t get me started on all the PPV games… just glad i didn’t pay for the last two.

a while back john “won” some coffee from the clubside breakfast podcast in olympia, WA. it was really yummy organic stuff and we’re currently looking for something to replace it since we’re all out. where’s a good place to get some yummy dark roast organic beans in vancouver? i know there’s probably a kabillion but any suggestions?

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  1. AnonymousTuesday, April 4th, 2006 — 1:40pm PDT

    not sure if its organic but check out its a membership deal but the have great coffee! and you get a programable coffee maker which is nice even if just for the novelty of it…

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