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This is kinda weird, if you get injured/require medical attention while abroad and you have travellers’ insurance apparently it will not cover alcohol related incidents. Now it’s really something I never thought about but, doesn’t it kinda sorta make sense? Or at least, read the fine print before you sign on for insurance while you’re heading down to spring break in Cancun…
Speaking of fun times in other countries, the Sasquatch Festival is coming up May long weekend (the US long weekend, not ours). It’s too bad my hubby can’t leave the country while all his legal mumbo jumbo is processing because this would definately be an awesome road trip – thanks to Chris for the heads up on this.

Although, I think coming up in the next few weeks we’ll be a lil busy. We have the BC Blind Sports Run for Light and the PMC Sierra Science Fair Fun Run, a couple of concerts, a Camp Day and we should reserve some weekends for chilling at the beach, pool, outside… warm.. somewhere.

Something else we want to tackle though is The Grouse Grind. It should be opened up within the next month. Remember folks, this is alpine terrain – mountains, spring = melting snow, unpredictable weather. When conditions are ideal and the route is safe, they’ll open this 2.9km hike up to the public. This is no breezy stroll through the woods though, remember to pack lots of water – wear sensible shoes and be prepared. Disclaimers aside… I can’t WAIT! I’m a Grouse Grind virgin hoping to change that this year. (Photo Credit)

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  1. wynWednesday, April 26th, 2006 — 1:17pm PDT

    The Grouse Grind is not so much a hike doing Stairmaster for 90 minutes amidst dewy trees with gobs of strangers. At least that was the case in the middle of last summer. It might be calmer at the beginning of the season and I hope you have fun! =)

  2. JohnThursday, April 27th, 2006 — 12:30pm PDT

    I totally need some sweet hiking shoes for the Grind and the thousand other hiking trips we want to take this summer. :p

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