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Okay, so TONIGHT’s game is THE game. We walked away from the Sharks yesterday with 1 point coming from an overtime loss. The Canucks are down in SJ today for the must-win game of the year. It was sad this morning on the Fox, potentially the last time we hear “Shorty on the Puck” since he’ll be all over on another station next season. But let’s not shed those tears just yet – we still have this game tonight to go all out – don’t be jumpin off that bandwagon JUST yet…. in the meantime why not also show support for the Giants – who won last night.

In other news, Mt. Trudeau is going to be named in a ceremony this June – and the Coquihalla is going to be dumped with 10-20cms of snow this weekend. Good thing we went away last weekend, geesh.

One more thing… I told John last weekend when we were in Kelowna that I had never had so many doors held open for me. There’s something up with men in vancouver – i’m not one of them snobby mini-puppy, face-eater-sunglasses-wearing chicks that just expects men to fall at her feet – but there’s something to be said for MANNERS at least. i think those plastic chicks have jaded the men (okay well some men) around here into just not giving a damn anymore, which is sad. i may also be cranky because i would really like a coffee right now. enough said.

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  1. gusgreeperThursday, April 13th, 2006 — 1:19pm PDT

    oddly i’ve never in the ten + years i’ve lived here heard good things about Vancouver men..this city is SO fly by the seat of your pants and everyone is either coming or going or traveling through…i don’t know if that makes any sense but i’ve had similar conversations with people that relate to your post. im shocked i found a good one BUT he is from langley so there you go!

  2. Miss604Thursday, April 13th, 2006 — 1:30pm PDT

    i had to import mine! :p

  3. DaveOFriday, April 21st, 2006 — 9:21am PDT

    i’ve been trained (mostly) and i take the time to open doors and say “hello” “good day” and “thank you” especially to older ladies in my neighborhood.

    Not so helpful to younger, froofy girls (don’t wanna spoil them) who *expect* it … and the ladies had better say ‘thank you’ or at least aknowledge the act, or i am miffed.

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