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John’s now a member of CanadaPodcasts.ca – AND an email he sent was read on Father Roderick’s podcast this morning – boy does that guy get around 😉 I believe with the new RadioZoom.net he’s going to be expanding a little more… if only someone could develop a pretty logo for him.. hmm

I for one am without an ipod for the next week and a half since i gave it to jen for her trip. i’m so nice… but…. i miss it already 🙁 (oh yeah and i miss her too :P)

There’s a (what appears to be) a commercial being filmed around the corner from my work. not like that’s anything “new” or “special” or “out of the ordinary” around here… as stated in an article yesterday, film production around here is getting a jump – and it shows – jumping 50% over 2004, in 2005. The only film I’ve ever been in was in 1985, it was called SuperCape and I was the Sheriff – my sister was the masked robber and my brother was the “shop keep” and the infamous SUPERCAPE. super 8s rock

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