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waiting for the bus this morning i witnessed a motor vehicle accident that, really, i should have been witness to many times before — because every time i see this happen (or attempt this myself) it’s always a gamble. so here’s the scoop…

all along robson there are flashing green lights (aka pedestrian controlled) and the streets which run north/south that intersects these have stop signs. so it’s a common misconception that if you have a stop sign you can roll right through it without a pause if the traffic in the other direction has a red light at that particular moment in time. stop signs are stop signs. what makes crossing robson even more tricky are the pedestrians. so if you’re trying to cross with a flashing green light one way and a stop sign in front of you… once traffic is out of the way (or that light turns red) you still have to dodge, pause, yeild for pedestrians who will still come at you from every which way.

so this morning a car is trying to cross Robson. he’s got a stop sign and the traffic on Robson has a flashing green light that turned red. so he’s thinking – score! time to roll. so as he does so, pedestrians cross the street in front of him on the other side — he gets stuck in the intersection and the light turns green for the Robson traffic. When that light turns green -BAM! a car that was waiting at the line nails him. He spins about 180 degrees and the two cars pull off to the side.

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Here’s the thing… should stop sign guy have crossed the intersection? Even though the other traffic had a red light – there were still pedestrians crossing. OR should the car waiting at the line have noticed that car stuck in the intersection and not even accelerated.

Both cars failed to remember a major rule — enter the intersection when it’s clear and safe to do so. If you can prevent an accident – you must. I think they both made bad decisions but ultimately (in my opinion) the car waiting at the line shouldn’t have even accelerated – he could have prevented this entire mess and the first car would just look like a jerk for getting stuck. fortunately, no one was injured, they were both fully capable of getting out of their cars and having a heated discussion.

Vancouver traffic is fun.

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