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Laura was pretty opinionated in her post on our Amazing Race blog last night hehe. We were going to watch it on the eastern time zone channel last night but were too caught up making dinner. So after a cat nap at 930pm John and I woke up to watch it at 10. More comments about that will be on the AR9 blog.

Laura found me some giant m&ms… i blogged about that a while ago and i must say… i’m rather dissapointed. They’re just chubby regular size m&m… not even as dense as a Mini-Egg.. but still yummy anyway.

John played me the Daily Breakfast podcast last night – apparently Ft. Roderick was featured on iTunes recently as well… so getting a plug in for John’s podcast out to his thousands of listeners was pretty darn cool.

I’ve seen it everywhere this morning – Canucks broadcasts will be on CHUM station The TEAM 1040 starting next season. John interviewed there in the summer, since he’s all radio-man and stuff (actually went to CKNW as well). I wonder what their coverage will be like? I think as long as they retain Shorthouse and Larschied, it’ll be pretty seamless – just adjust your radio dial.

And I havent really posted much about the Canucks and all their losses, what can i say. we were all talking about defense and goalies then our forwards just shut down. the last 6 goals were from Sedins and Carter – that’s it. There’s a drastic need for something… anything… a wake up call… we’re slipping in the standings and with 15 games left that ain’t good.

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