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not wearing any green today, i got this cute lil blue shirt the other night so i wanted to wear that instead. last night John and I got our hair cut (no dye for me…yet) and had dinner with laura — WHO btw, just started up a blogger blog – she’s such a big girl now!
so… not wearing any green… st. patrick’s day reminds me of several things. my mom would tell a story about how we all got chicken pox that day. well, when my sister was in elementary school my mom was putting her hair in pig tails with green ribbons and noticed a lil red circle on her neck – a few days later my mom had 3 kids all at home with the chicken pox (all under the age of 7) .

this day also reminds me of being in high school, livia did that irish dancing (before the whole riverdance craze) and often competed and often won medals. she would bring them in on st. patrick’s day and we’d wear her medals as necklaces and pins. i think i still have some, somewhere, kicking around my parents’ house.

(and yeah, i dont own any green shirts, i had to improvise…. :p)

EDIT: I like my post last year hehe ! Check it out….

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