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one with the squirrels

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There was an article about this live-action Simpsons opening sequence – it’s pretty darn good. My husband and I did a lot of walking this weekend… Saturday was awesome – sunny, warm, crisp – so nice to get outside… especially after having that nasty cold when I got back to work on Wednesday from the […]

4 years to go

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so yeah i’m sick. can’t stop being mrs. sneezerpants. last night we went over to english bay for the lil ‘ceremony‘ as a part of … some special olympic week thinger. it’s been so chilly lately – except last night wasn’t too bad – even by the water. we stood next to the dude carrying […]

the luckiest

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not much time or brainpower to blog. first day back at work, last day with house guest, still coming down off the high of being married and the feeling of not being able to sleep in past 830 am since… well i can’t remember the last time… john’s meeting me after work, hopefully we can […]