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mind that gap pt. 2

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we’re still getting wedding pics sent in to us from all over north america. my new sis-in-law in illinois keeps sending these wicked digital shots, while someone at my church yesterday handed us some pretty great prints. my sis is taking off again! my mom and sister took off to england/parts of europe in the […]

blue rubble

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Brewing everything from Labatt to Bud, the plant’s been a fixture of Sapperton for over 100 years. We noticed a few weeks ago that Labatt’s in New Westminster was looking um.. a lil shabby. Did a lil googlin’ this afternoon to find out what was up. There’s signs around the area for new condo developments […]

aye aye and good buy

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So last night we’re sitting on the couch and talking canucks and i said – they wouldn’t trade trevor linden, at this point i’m not sure how much of a barganing chip he is – he’s just valuable to the city of vancouver. and john mentioned (and i forget where we saw/heard it) that he […]

fore, back, poke, trade

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Okay it’s too early to speculate or confirm or discuss trades – since they’re all taking place right now and for the next 3 hours. On CFOX this morning they chit chatted with John Shorthouse who basically confirmed what most of us are thinking – the Canucks need someone to help out Auld and more […]